SAUER - your partner

As a competent company operating on a worldwide basis, SAUER supplies over 500 customers with plastic blow-moulded articles from three locations in Germany and France. SAUER has been successful for decades as a manufacturer of plastic bottles and containers for the cosmetic, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries and blow-moulded articles for the toy, automotive and consumer goods industries. Our products are produced to the orders of well-known companies on the most modern extrusion blow moulding, injection stretch blow moulding and injection blow moulding machines.

In the 1990s, innovative spirit, high flexibility and a future-orientated strategy enabled us to do justice to our customers’ requirements and not only cement our position in the market but to expand it significantly as well.

As an independent, family-owned company motivated by this success we are looking with confidence to the future and intend to systematically pursue our expansionary corporate policy further.
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