SAUER Headquarters in Neustadt/Coburg
The headquarters of the SAUER Group in Neustadt/Coburg, Germany offers a complete spectrum of development with in-house tooling, series production, including the various methods of product decoration, storage and logistics and, most important of all, individual customer support in the development and series production phases.

SAUER Plant I and II in Föritz
SAUER has improved and extended its capability as an international player with its production facility in Föritz, Germany. The surrounding terrain and the environment in the production facility provides SAUER with the option of short term increases in production and the exploitation of new markets.

SAUER France
The SAUER plant in Sarreguemines, France, is the first step in strategic international growth to meet, in this case, the demands of the West European market, a step that is confirmed by the considerable logistic advantages to our customers.

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