1938 Start of the SAUER Company by Erich Sauer
1957 Commencement of plastic processing for the local toy industry
•  extrusion blow moulding
•  injection moulding
•  rotational moulding
1963 Enlargement of the product spectrum with plastic packaging and engineered parts
1972 Specialisation in extrusion blow moulding
1995 Entry into injection blow moulding technology
1996 Entry into injection stretch blow moulding technology
1997 Start of SAUER France
1999 Enlargement of production and warehousing capacity of SAUER France
2001 Start of construction work for the Föritz plant
2002 Completion of the Föritz plant
2006 Planned extension of SAUER France and the Föritz plant
2007 Completion of second stage of Föritz plant
2008 Completion of warehouse of Sauer FRANCE
2011 Expansion of SAUER Neustadt
2015 Completion of first stage of plant II in Föritz
2018 Modernisation of SAUER Neustadt
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